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been going on for years and now the saudis are reactant. host: bring this to the u.s., what has the yemen government been doing with the u.s. to fight that activity? guest: the last couple of weeks we have seen a number of strikes against the targets. and this the yemen government and american government cooperating. and this is important for the targeting and surveillance. while the yemen government was responsible for the military operations. there was a raid on the 17th of a raid in the south and arrest in the capital and operations outside of that area. and there was an air strike attempt and a house target on f.b.i. wanted list. this attack >> up next, live at "newsmakers" said with reporters pam hess and tim starks. then that the debate on health care. that will be followed by president obama. >> you have lost it. you do not own it anymore. you are trespassing. and that hurts. my possessions are an hour and a storage bin. what i was able to get out before the house was locked up. >> this week, who was later coburn on american casino, thereir documentary on the subprime mor
administration should do to protect the u.s. from homegrown and foreign terrorists. . . >> joining us on this sunday "newsmakers" program is tim starks, intelligence reporter with cts.com and pamela hess and we want to talk about the fox news and the closure of the u.s. embassy in yemen and why for this shut down? >> there is an incredible threat and the u.s. embagsy was attacked twice, with one american died and 17 yemenians died, outside of the perimeter. and with the attacks in december the u.s. apparently participated in and the stepped-up counter terror aid that is provided to yemen and the special forces, it's creating a situation that is not the safest for a diplomat. >> on fox and cnn and abc, what news came out of this? >> i thought there was a few different items and not an official saying on the record that they were still interested in sending guantanamo detainees on yemen. and there were officials under fire, the u.s. secretary and i thought he had a little trouble explaining why the weapon, abdulmutallab was going to be treated as a ñ>)criminal suspec than enemy combat
in his arrest. >>> al qaeda threats close a u.s. embassy as washington battles to move extremism with talks and with force. >>> and it looks like new york's tavern on the green restaurant has gone out of business after all that time. a look at the party that ended it all and how people are remembering one of the city's most famous landmarks. >>> you are watching "hln news and views" on this first sunday of 2010. great to have you with us. i'm susan hendricks. we want to get you updated. authorities have arrested a florida man who allegedly gunned down four members of his family after thanksgiving dinner. u.s. marshals captured paul merhige at a hotel in the florida keys last night. there he is on surveillance camera. he was the focus of an intense manhunt after he allegedly shot and killed his twin sisters and a 79-year-old aunt. he also allegedly killed 6-year-old michaela sitton as she slept in her family's jupiter, florida, home. with his arrest, michaela's father says he will be able to sleep at night. >> it means i'll be able to sleep a little better tonight, and i won't be
, us -- esteemed professors later i discovered she was more right than i cared to believe. the founding of the country was miraculous. the industrial age gets a little dicey, and then the progressive era which has all but been erased from history changed everything. what really opened my eye eyes was this book. does it look boring as snot or what? given to me by robbie george, professor at princeton university, a very ropt respec professor. i started finding out about early american progressivism. he gave me this book. written by r.j. who is a friend of mine. wood row wilsoned a the roots of modern liberalism. this is my son who drew a picture of me in the front. he's five. although, it does have a striking resemblance to me, doesn't it? it's one of the most boring books you will read. it's just eye bleed boring, but i learned things about our nation and the progressive era that i prayed were not true. it didn't go here. i went all kind of other books on progressives and then i went to the progressive words themselves. and the more i read, the more sad i became. because i saw their inf
the next few months. >> please let us know about book fairs and festivals in your area and we'll add them to our list. email us at book tv@c-span.org. >> in their book "carjacked," authors katherine lutz and anne lutz fernandez argue that gasoline are not the only problems with america's love cars. ms. lutz fernandez speaks for 50 minutes in the new canon library in new canaan, connecticut. >> welcome. first of all, i'd like to thank al street books and the new canaan library for inviting me to speak tonight and thank you for coming to listen. my name is anne lutz fernandez. i wanted to share with you initially just our decision to write the book. where that came from. and it really all happened just a few miles from my home in norwalk over thanksgiving weekend. about four years ago. our family had gathered. and from various points driven, of course, to norwalk and my driveway was filled with cars. and spent a beautiful weekend together but invariably as had happened in the past prior few years the conversation turned to the loss of our cousin christie in a car crash. and shortly after we
to strike us? how many targets are they casing? how many suicide bombers could they be sending our way? even as we sit here? deadly enemy. al qaeda killed seven of our best in that diabolical strike at the c.i.a. in afghanistan. did bin laden set that attack? if al qaeda's on the run, why do they seem on the attack? and finally, command and control. has barack obama been too much the candidate and not enough the executive? has he shown real control of the government bureaucracy? in fighting this war? i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. elisabeth bumiller covers the pentagon for "the new york times." joe kleine is a time magazine columnist. andrea mitchell is chief foreign affairs correspondent at nbc news. and david ignatius is a "washington post" columnist. first up, president obama reminded the country this week that enemies of america are still very much a threat. >> we are at war. we are at war against al qaeda. a far-reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9-11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people, and that is plotting to strike us again. chris: today we ex
use in this area. that's one of the things that detectives are looking at, but by no means is that the only motive they're looking at. >> any idea who this might be? >> i have no idea. that's why i'm here to find out, i want to know if i know the person or not. >> i'm lindsey in northwest washington. the stylist for the salahi's testified before a grand jury today here at u.s. district court. >> inside, we understand they met with the secret service along with u.s. attorneys. they met with the grand jury around 2:00. by 3:00, they were done. >> called to testify as back witnesses. >> we aren't told what they spoke about, but we know it all stems from the night the salahi's entered the white house uninvited. the day of the event, the salahi's spent hours being groomed at irwin gomez's salon. two stylists worked on her hair and makeup. >> this is a very stressful time for all. it is very much respected time that we have to show respect for the justice system. >> i'm peggy fox in arlington, where virginia has enacted a new texting ban, but advocates against distracted
this country safe. despite sweeping changes made after 9/11 to the u.s. intelligence community and airline security, serious flaws still exist. yesterday afternoon many americans paused to hear how the president plans to address potentially deadly vulnerabilities. >> we are at war. we are at war al-qaeda. a far reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people than is plotting to strike again. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> sean: all of that reads well off a teleprompter but will words translate into action? when the president laid out his plan yesterday, he did not fire anybody. he didn't call for new agency or reorganization. he didn't offer up any new legislation. he didn't announce any military action nor did he signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy. that same official believes the president is making changes to an -- to a system he doesn't necessarily find broken. is he taking the right approach or should he be making more definitive moves to safeguard you, your family and this country? i'm joined from washingto
to the u.s. made after 9/11 to the u.s. intelligence community and airline security, serious flaws still exist. yesterday afternoon many americans paused to hear how the president plans to address potentially deadly vulnerabilities. >> we are at war. we are at war al-qaeda. a far reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people than is plotting to strike again. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> sean: all of that reads well off a teleprompter but will words translate into action? when the president laid out his plan yesterday, he did not fire anybody. he didn't call for new agency or reorganization. he didn't offer up any new legislation. he didn't announce any military action nor did he signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy. that same official believes the president is making changes to an -- to a system he doesn't necessarily find broken. is he taking the right approach or should he be making more definitive moves to safeguard you, your family and this country? i'm joined from washington by the nation's first secret
particularly that contradiction between the intense pleasure that the car brings to us and the profound losses and tragedies that it also can bring. and on a daily basis the contradictions between the convenience that the car brings and the frustrations that it also brings. so broadly speaking we wanted to explore the impact that this single object, that this power piece of technology has on our lives and we thought we could bring to bear our experiences. my sister katherine lutz is a professor of anthropologist. she brings an ethnographic approach and i'm a teacher and writer and i spent many years as a banker and a marketer of consumer products and we thought if we tackled this together we could bring some insight, some insight that hadn't really been brought to the subject. and we embarked on our research which took us across the country from urban housing developments that were being carve judd out of rural countryside in tennessee to detroit to visit gm and go to its proving grounds in milford. we traveled to seedy used car lots in the inner cities. we traveled to auto shows and auto muse
. >> next on "special report," there is a focus from the u.s. and the allies. should the suspect in the failed christmas day bombing of an american airliner be tried as civilian or enemy combat tonight. a milestone in iraq showing significant progress. how much will healthcare reform cost you? the beginning of a new series of reports. all that plus brit hume's analysis and the fox all-stars, right here, right now. >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the middle eastern nation of yemen is under the global microscope, following reports that the al-qaeda branch is seeking to become a major player in global terrorism. senior white house correspondent major garrett reports on how the u.s. is dealing with the increasingly dangerous situation. >> president obama and the first family arrived in the frigid nation's capital as the pursuit unfolded half a world away in yemen, as the government was criticized for lackluster terror attacks in the past, launched new attacks outside the capital. hillary clinton after meeting with the prime minister of you tar qatar called yemen a top
sweeping changes made after 9/11 to the u.s. intelligence community and airline security, serious flaws still exist. yesterday afternoon many americans paused to hear how the president plans to address potentially deadly vulnerabilities. >> we are at war. we are at war al-qaeda. a far reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people than is plotting to strike again. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> sean: all of that reads well off a teleprompter but will words translate into action? when the president laid out his plan yesterday, he did not fire anybody. he didn't call for new agency or reorganization. he didn't offer up any new legislation. he didn't announce any military action nor did he signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy. that same official believes the president is making changes to an -- to a system he doesn't necessarily find broken. is he taking the right approach or should he be making more definitive moves to safeguard you, your family and this country? i'm joined from washington by the nation's first
>>> a u.s. embassy shuts its doors over concerns about terrorist threats. where it's happening and why the u.s. is focusing more attention on that country these days. >>> captured. the man accused of killing four members of his own family found in a florida motel. what the father of a 6-year-old victim is saying about that arrest. >>> and you regularly donate to your house of worship, but do you know where the money is going, and how confident are you that it's being spent wisely? we're taking your views on the topic. >>> hln news and views. i'm holly firfer. the u.s. embassy in yemen is cloessed today because of al qaeda threats against american interests. now the embassy is not saying if there's any specific threat, and it's unclear when it might reopen. the british embassy in the yemeni capital is closed today. yemen is pledging more cooperation in the fight against terrorism. and experts on the region warn it will take a lot of time and resources to root out al qaeda in that country. >> the al qaeda threat is not simply to u.s. interests but very much to yemeni interests as
53 children arrived in the united states. which u.s. governor brought the kids and what's next for them? >>> what's your take on the economy? do you think we're out of the woods? >> no. we're far from out of the woods. >>> the u.s. economy, are things getting better or not? "the view from the street." >>> and things turn ugly at a colorado bar. how watching tv helped the bar owner nab two suspected robbers all by himself. >>> i hope this day is good to you. i'm christi paul. thank you for keeping us company here. more than 50 orphans all evacuated from the devastation in haiti are now on u.s. soil. look at these pictures. they landed at pittsburgh international airport this morning here. they were taken to the children's hospital there for observation or treatment if it was needed. all the kids adoption cases were nearing the end of the bureaucratic process when last week's earthquake struck. sisters jamie and allie mcnutry were caretakers at that orphanage. they spread the word about what they were going through. that really helped lead to their evacuation. >> this is such an
reports on how the u.s. is dealing with the increasingly dangerous situation. >> president obama and the first family arrived in the frigid nation's capital as the pursuit unfolded half a world away in yemen, as the government was criticized for lackluster terror attacks in the past, launched new attacks outside the capital. hillary clinton after meeting with the prime minister of you tar qatar called yemen a top concern. >> we see the ongoing efforts by al-qaeda in yemen to use it as a base for terrorist attacks far beyond the region. >> the u.s. embassy remained closed for a second day as to the british and french embassy. japan, germany and the czech republic sensing peril closed their embassy today. the al-qaeda threats to the embassy intensified recently. >> they are targeting our embassy and targeting our personnel. we're not going to take chances with the lives of the diplomats and others at the embassy. >> they offered no word when it would reopen, raising question about yemen's ability to deal with the terror threat within. >> they're a weak government that cannot contro
-buy list. this was allowing him to board the plane to detroit. the u.s. government had the information for the system, to potentially uncovered the plot and disrupt the attack. rather than a failure to collect or share intelligence, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligence that we already had. that is why we took swift action in the days following christmas, reviewing and updating the system and adding more individuals to the list. and directing the indices to include current information in their warnings for individuals with terrorist connections. i am directing a series of steps across multiple agencies. broadly speaking, these fall into four areas. i am directing that the intelligence community will begin to assign specific responsibility for all leads on the high-priority bretz, and these leads will be acted upon aggressively. not just most of the time, but all the time. we must follow the leads that we get. and we must pursue them until the plots are disrupted. and that means assigning clear lines of responsibility. i am directing that intelligence reports inc
global implicions from al qaeda's efforts to use that country as a base for terrorist attacks far beyond theregn. the latest warning came as officials in yemenaid that securityorces kiled two al qaeda fighters in a btle outside the catal. and ten days after t attempted bombing of the u. jetliner by a sspect who receivedis aining and explosives i yemen, passengers fromemen and 13 oth countries now face adtional security screening, including full body scning and pat-towns before flyg to the unit states. meanwhile in yemen, veral other untries restrict public access to their embassies today joinin the uted states andbritain. in night's lead focus, we have more on the situati in yem from our gman partner. >> reporter: cement barriers block access to the u.s. embassy which habeen clos indefitely. u.s. natiol security adviser jo brennan said the closure waa response to threats from al qaeda. >> i looked at the intelligence that's available asar as the plans for al qaeda to carry out attacks, possibly against r emssy, psibly against u.s. personnel. cided it was the prudenthing do to shut the em
. >>> you know, i'm so glad you're sharing your company with us. it's good to see you. i'm cyhristi paul. we're talking about some of the bitter cold temperatures that are slamming so many of you where you are in this country. some areas literally knee deep in snow, too. in fact, in the buffalo bills game, did you see this yesterday? the snow so intense they could hardly see the game. the area has been hit with around 2 1/2 feet of snow since new year's day. now forecasters say up to four more inches could fall today. a lake-effect snow is also blanketing northern indiana. some parts of the state could get two inches per hour today. so going to south florida? fruit growers are bracing for a possible freeze tonight. record lows are predicted in the gulf coast states. and the only relief seems to be in california and the southwest where today's highs are in the 60s and 7 o's. the bone chilling cold throughout the rest of the country could stick around all week long. look at that map. almost all in blue. that's a neat occasion for you. >>> a 13-year-old california boy survived in the mountains
's tough on your body pain. not on your body. during the share the love event, you helped us donate almost $5 million dollars to charity. i chose meals on wheels because i believe in food for all. i chose habitat for humanity. our pets are our kids. we chose the aspca. we're sharing the love again this year. because giving back feels good. get a great deal on the subaru outback, motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year and two hundred fifty dollars gets donated to your choice of five charities. >>> next on "msnbc sunday" -- breaking news, terror worries intensified. the u.s. and british embassies in yemen have been closed today in the face of growing threats from al qaeda. meanwhile, even more missed signals have reportedly emerged in the terror plane probe. also ahead, the deep freeze. a large swath of the states are shivering and it's a blast of dangerous arctic air. just what will the frigid front end? plus, cornered and captured, the suspect in the thanksgiving day massacre is captured. live with how details and how police finally got their man. >>> how high will gas prices go in t
all the way to the u.s. supreme court. >>> also, the big return of the economy car, but less of everything else at a subdued detroit auto show. >>> this is cnn tonight, live from new york. here now, jessica yellin. >>> in politics, when you're caught making racially insensitive remarks, the only thing to do is apologize, a lot. and that's exactly what senate majority leader harry reid has been doing ever since a new book quoted him as saying that during the presidential race, barack obama benefited from being a "light-skinned african-american with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one." democrats, including the president, rushed to reid's defense, but the republican opposition is not going to let go of this one. dana bash is following the apologies and the attacks tonight. >> reporter: at home in nevada, harry reid's clean energy event turned into an attempt to clean up a political mess of his making. >> i've apologized to the president, apologized to everyone that -- within the sound of my voice that i could have used a better choice of words. >> reporter: in the new
's called "your kids are your own fault. " thank you very much for joining us. >> appreciate it. >> happy new year again, we'll see you tomorrow. >> nice shirt, larry! >> thanks. >> we begin with a developing story in yemen where troops have reportedly killed two suspected al-qaeda members, that story broke a couple of hours ago, the u.s. embassy in yemen, closed for a second day, because of threats from al-qaeda. this by the way is new videotape we just received of the stepped -up security around the u.s. and british embassies in yemen. you can see blockades have been set up all around the embassy. >>> good morning, everyone, i'm greg jerden for bill hemmer gloovment i'm patty ann brown in for migin kelly. security is adding new screening steps around the country and around the world. >> we have team fox coverage with amy kellogg in london, laura ingle is at knew yark national airport. -- the newark airport. what's the story at snairp. >> these new guidelines, the new tsa guidelines went into effect at midnight and it has significantly changed the way airline passengers coming in from i
administration has just unveiled new directives for certain international flights. samantha hayes joins us live from washington to talk about the new directives and the story developing out of yemen. the new directives in effect tomorrow. >> these are dramatic, brooke. starting tomorrow, tsa is mandating every person flying into the u.s. from or through a country that's a state sponsor of terrorism or other countries of interest will be required to go through a hand screening or secondary screening. that can include body scans, patdowns and other regulations. and this is sure to slow down the boarding process but it also comes after the u.s. government stepping up counterterrorism efforts in yemen which is emerging as a more serious front in the war on terror. on the southern tip of the arabian peninsula where the red sea meets the indian ocean is yemen. that's where a strike just last month killed three al qaeda members suspected of targeting the u.s. embassy for attack. cnn has learned a fourth was captured with his suicide vest on. according to his senior u.s. military official. now the u.s.
. they are in custody. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast in the u.s. on pbs and elsewhere around the world. coming up, reaching for the sky. dubai shakes of weeks of economic turmoil to unveil the world's tallest building. and tensions between kiev and moscow. what they are doing with the ukraine electi. hello to you. security is being tightened for thousands of passengers flying to the u.s. for more than one dozen countries. the christmas day attempt by a nigerian man to bring down an airliner has had far-reaching consequences. nigeria, sudan, yemen, and pakistan now face full-bodied stands and pat downs. we have this report. -- full-body scans. >> the christmas day bomb plot has shaken this country. >> we are conducting an internal review. the president has called for a review of the entire government. based on what we know now. >> this was the scene at newark airport. someone reported a man walking the wrong way back into a secure area. thousands of passengers had to go through security all over again. flights were grounded. >> we were waiting to go back through. waiting for them to open securi
attention to the ground game and what people are telling us. at the campaign has its own dynamic. we will the tonight with the results are. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is saying regardless of what happens in massachusetts, tonight affordable health care for all americans will be a reality. >>> another example of the drastic impact of this election, the dow jones close 115 points up today. officials say that there is a republican that could hold up obama's agenda is the reason why. >> they said they did not intentionally violate the law when they collected 2000 phone records from the bush and administration. the fbi' used an law it to illegally obtain those phone records. since the problem has been brought to light in 2007, the fbi has changed its practices. >>> even as more troops and aid arrives on the island, the violence increases. hundreds of thousands of haitians are homeless and waiting for a. there are glimmers of hope -- as they wait for aid. >> a full week after the earthquake now and theroubles are too numerous to count. relief workers are scared to visit some parts of th
of intel, for example. we have a construction in the u.s. economy where you have low labor cost pressure because of high unemployment. so you have high productivity and high profit margins as we come into this economic recovery and that's likely to continue for a while. that means earnings are going to be pleasant numbers and pleasant surprises this coming quarter. maybe the next quarter as we take this bounce out of the v down and we rocket back rebuilding inventories. once we get through that cycle, by the second half of this year, i think we're into more trouble, slower growth. it's a different story, but right now we're getting pleasant earnings surprises and stock prices like it and they should. >> all right. >> michelle, weigh in on that. what about the second half? where do you think we are in terms of the road to recovery? >> i'm a little more upbeat. david is right. we are getting a huge boost from inventories and a lot of that will come in the fourth quarter of 2009. we think fourth quarter gdp growth could be in large part because of the inventory rebuilding, but i do think 20
? >> do you still have faith in detroit's giant carmakers? joe carter brings us views from the street. >>> also, a technical flaw could result in a massive case of mistaken i had i did on facebook. how you could turn into someone else when you log on to the social networking site. scary. >>> welcome to hln "news and views." we're so glad to have you with us. we've been looking at the crushed city of port-au-prince haiti for days now. and there are a few flickers of hope. five people are safely free nearly a week -- a week after last tuesday's earthquake collapsed a grocery store on top of them. they survived by eating the food that was trapped there with them. some field hospitals are up and running. but they're overcrowded. there are long lines of injured folks outside every medical facility hoping to get treatment. emergency medical supplies are arriving at port-au-prince's airport. the problem is getting them to doctors and nurses through city sfreets that are choked with debr debris, homeless and dead. it is the same problem with food and water. the local government collapsed alon
as far as trying to catch the guys that really want to blow us up. >> and there goes back too christmas day and a guy who is handing on an airplane in the detroit area apparently trying to blow up a bomb in his underwear and ever since then the transportation people, the homeland security people kind of ramped things up from them and this past week weekend we will tell you the big mess going on in newark. the administration sent out one of the top terrorism guys to do some spinning. we had janet napolitano who said the system worked and then the next day she walked it back, it didn't work. john brennan was in the hot seat yesterday. >> and he wanted to explain how listen, wele find out what happened but there really wasn't any one thing that would have told us this was going to happen on december 25th so the fact that he bought the tick with cash and the fact that he had no luggage and might not have had a pass part and the fact this guy's father turned him in. all the elements together still didn't point them to the magic word. listen. there was no smoking gun. there was no p
is our first guest, joining us by phone. front-page story on a "roll call." the question is the biggest policy issue, health care. after a day of observing it, what our leaders saying? guest: in the immediate aftermath they are saying we need to take a deep breath and think about what we need to do. at the same time, they are exploring this option of the house perhaps taking up the senate bill and just send it to the president. in order to do that, you would need an agreement by the senate to pass a separate bill through budget reconciliation rules, the need for 60 votes, that would do some fixes the house demanded. it is a very complicated negotiation. it is not clear at all this will happen. but leaders continue to say they are committed to trying to pass health care reform. host: you have a front-page story about harry reid. guest: harry reid has had a bad year, and senator chris dodd's announcement that he would retire, harry reid became the most long-haul marble democratic incumbents. health care reform is very unpopular in nevada right now. what we did is we sort of explore how mu
it. thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. big show tonight. tonight president obama's response to the underpants bomber and then the republicans' response to the president. there is strange new news about uganda's kill the gays bill which we've been covering for i guess months now and the rachel maddow show for the first time ever will be dabbling in 3-d tv. this hour we've got a very big show ahead as i say. we begin with president obama's much anticipated and ultimately much delayed speech today on the attempted terrorist attack on christmas day. mr. obama was originally scheduled to speak at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. late this morning that start time was pushed back to 3:00 p.m. eastern time. at 3:00 p.m., when that rolled around we were told instead to expect the speech an hour and a half later. then at 4:34 p.m. finally president obama entered the white house state dining room to address the nation. >> it appears this incident was not the fault of a single individual or organization but rather a systemic failure across organizations and agencies. i am less i
is here to tell us, just how low they will go. >> i know. and they are going to go down into the teens tonight. which is just, oh so cold outside. and arctic blast will continue. we had the snow this morning, with a cold front that moved through. and now cold and blustery conditions. 25 here in baltimore. and just off to the west, 19 degrees in pittsburg. and 16 degrees in charleston. and those arctic air masses are taking control this weekend. big chill for the weekend. dip in the jet stream. go south to find warmer temperatures, as the canadian jet stream drops down. next day planner. waking up tomorrow morning. 19 degrees. partly cloudy skies overnight. and wide spread sunshine for the daytime saturday. but only 25 degrees at noon. and only a high of 30 degrees for tomorrow. stilwell below normal for this time of year. there is a little bit of a warm up. coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. >> two women are hospitalized after a double stabbing in parkville. police were called to neptune court where a 19-year-old woman was stabbed in the back. minutes later, another woman was
that tried to bring down a u.s. airliner on christmas day. british investigators are linking him to at least one other terrorist group out there. >> julie: after more than a month on the run, they have arrested paul merhige. he murdered four of his family members according to police. we'll have a live report on how cops tracked him down. >> kelly: both the american and british embassies in yemen closing their doors. an al-qaeda group based in the unstable nation. it's the same group linked to that failed bombing of a u.s. bound passenger jet. molly is live in washington. >> good afternoon. roadblocks are set up outside the embassy in yemen. they are closing their embassies because of security concerns. john brennan told fox there are indications that the u.s. embassy could be a target of al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that is the yemen based group that the white house says trained umar farouk abdulmutallab, the man suspected of trying to blow up a plane with explosives carried in his underwear. >> this is something we're very concerned about. we're concerned they may be in fact trying to
details on what's going on. >> some done crete steps by the u.s. government to try to prevent another terror attack, but there are some objections. hundreds of people with links to terrorism have been added to the lists of people who cannot fly or need additional screening. the result of a scrub of government terror databases in the aftermath of the attempted christmas day airline bombing. an official familiar with the process says tick lay attention was giving to certain countries and regions with ties to terrorism. all citizens and travelers from 14 of those countries will now get enhanced screening when they fly to the u.s. that could include full body pat-downs, carry-on bag searches, full-body scanning and explosive detection swabs. on the list, cuba, iran, sudan and syria, as well as afghanistan, algeria, iraq, lebanon, libya, nigeria, pakistan, saudi arabia, somalian and yemen. but analysts say terrorists can and have come from elsewhere. a notable example, shoe bomber richard reid, a british citizen. >> the threat is more from britain from, let's say afghan citizens. >> report
should reflect the views and values of this country, and all of us want to make sure the house this discussion -- discussing the issues that matter. we welcome the committee report. i know he has taken a long standing interest in these reforms. the creation of a business committee, party ballot, all are being looked at with details, and the leader of/l5 the hoes;s made clear we will have the opportunity to debate and discuss these recommendations. to make a debate in these due course. >> mr. speaker, in due course we've been waiting now for weeks. isn't it typical of this government and this prime minister? he makes a big announcement on june the 10th last year that we're going to have urgent reform in the house of commons when it comes to action, the government acts with all dispatch with a particularly arthritic slug on its way to a funeral. will he tell us is he still -- is he still committed to urgent action to this ineffective and incompetent house or are there people on his own bench stopping it happening? >> he gives me a great deal of home that the approach is going to
. thank you for being with us for this special edition of manity. thank you for being with us. have a great night. thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. a fast track for tough travel air security rules beginning in just hours travelers are going to find themselves facingen any way of security measures. the measures target fliers from countries that sponsor or tolerate terrorism. the rules require enhanced screening for those requiring -- they will come in a week after the failed christmas bomb attack. i am kimberly guilfoyle. this is geraldo at large. geraldo is off this evening. we will talk more about the rules and what they mean. joining me is retired colonel of the united states marine corps bill cowan. director of terrorism law alcott and from the rig began be administration casey mcfarland. what's going on with these rules? >> it's about time.ed we should have done this right after the september 11th attacks. the problem with what we have done is we have been looking for stuff to make bombs out of what we should have been looking for is terrorists. we will be a step behind i
. >> and that the fire swept through 20 units of an apartment blamed on a fireplace being used for heat. saturday night, florida power and light set an all-time record for consumption, shattering the previous one set in the summer of 2005. and then there is the impact on tourism. one week is not a season, but many tourists will go home with less than warm memories. >> palm trees is the only reason i know i am here, and the ocean. >> this could be a game changer. for years, he battled the python which is upsetting the balance of nature the everglades. it could set the set back quite a bit. >> what nature could call the slither lining to an otherwise bitter cold. >>> curious, marty, anybody out on the beach this morning. you have palm trees swaying, and the blue sky of florida, let me shatter that illusion. i have every pierce of warm clothing i have in my closet on my body here. the windchill is much colder than the temperature, which is the 30s. and the wind could have a moderating impact here, but it's not. it's still very cold. the beaches are deserted. people come out and have their picture taken, b
? >> last year the irs made a proposal about how use them for tax purposes. i am getting a ton of the mail from people that read those articles, wondering what is happening on it. he made it clear that they would not be moving forward with the proposal, and the irs does have a lot on their plate. in terms of taxpayer service and a record volume of calls from people wondering about stimulus payments, etc., they talked about what they were doing in terms of pursuing cheaters. they have a lot on their plate and we are in a situation where congress has various tax proposals in health legislation. >> how significant was it that he spoke about the swiss government? >> very significant. tax lawyers and experts that i've talked to talk about the different atmosphere out there. 10 years ago people could hide money overseas without any real fear that the federal government was going to find it. what they are trying to do is up the ante, making a new calculation on how dangerous it will be. the more dangerous that they make it for people to do that, the more the people will find twice and it will bec
killed seven central intelligence agency operatives in a suicide attack on the u.s. coast, being recruited to spy on al-qaeda. >> gregg: tonight, brand new video released to be a warning from the bomber in his own words. ♪ ♪ >> julie: in the hills of yemen, new front in fight against terror in wake of concerns over a growing threat in the region. the security forces there are gearing up to flush extremists out. also tonight, a chilling new 911 call released in a horrific gun battle involving police and man with a history of domestic violence. plus, the deep freeze intensifies. frigid temperatures gripping much of the country. some parts seeing the mercury fall below zero. how cold will it get? we begin with fox urgent new details on motivation of double agent who launched one of the worst attacks against the c.i.a. in the agency's history. the homicide bombing coming against agents in afghanistan. working to penetrate the inner ranks of al-qaeda. the new video believe to show the bomber head of his murderous mission with a man identified as the new leader of the pakistani tal
that overtakes germany as the biggest exporter of goods as last month they blew past expectations. >>> in the u.s., earning season kicks off with acola early today as they look at reports on heavy metal profits. >> welcome to "worldwide exchange." it's 5:00 p.m. here in the evening. this is where the markets are trading or have traded today. japan was closed for the coming of age today today and let's get closing numbers for you. shanghai market up 0.5%. a lot of it export and import numbers from china blowing past expectations. caution because of lingering concerns about monetary tightening. housing is up 0.5%. kospi a bit higher and the market getting a lift on china trade data because of the resource linked. chinese demand would fuel the resource link companies. the cnbc global 300 is up 44 points. hi, ross. good to have you back. >> nice to be back in the saddle for 2010. hello. it's just gone past 9:00 p.m. in london. european markets into their stride pushing into 15-month highs. resources stocks are taking us there. oil and gas and construction not doing too bad. auto stocks up as well. ft
building in las vegas killing a security officer and wounding a u.s. marshal. police identified the shooter now as 66-year-old johnny lee wicks. investigators say he filed a lawsuit in 2008 claiming racial discrimination in a complaint about a cut in his social security benefits. and the case was dismissed. [ gunfire ] >> unbelievable. >> yeah, he says unbelievable. you hear all the gun shots going off. this cell phone video was shot yesterday by a witness. he says he was reporting for jury duty and at one point he was just 15 feet away from that gunman. >>> president obama will meet with his national security team today to talk about the alleged christmas day bombing attempt on a u.s. plane. he's expected to announce new airline security measures this afternoon. he's linked the bombing suspect, a 23-year-old nigerian man to an al qaeda group based in yemen. the former chair of the 9/11 commission talked to campbell brown about the security. >> focus on health care and climate change, focused on the economy. he should have been. it's just when you're so focused and you're a brand new presid
-- vietnamese perspective than looking at the u.s. aspects of it. and with that in mind what i would first like to do is talk about three particular elements of the issue, a little bit of a background on each of those issues and then talk a bit from the vietnamese perspective how this impacts on u.s. vietnam relations. .. has done a number of studies in vietnam will to try to determine where indeed it in remains and the environment and basically they came up with this concept of hotspots, places where the concentration levels are high. a generally due to basically spillage and loss during the movement, not areas sprayed by and large studies have found that the residuals in this parade areas, even heavily sprayed areas are not of the international threshold for opposing extended danger. whether or not those studies are comprehensive as a whole issue but as a result there is a focus on these hot spots. there appears to be somewhere in the 20 to 30 house lots are on the country. but three of them have become the prominent focus of the efforts to date on this issue and oddly enough they are all fre
is not a u.s. citizen. a problem for palin? not according to her. >>> in dubai, it was only a matter of time. base jumpers have now taken the plunge from the world's tallest building. all that and more this hour on msnbc. >>> i cannot wait to see the video of that one. afternoon to you, david and all of you. alex witt here in new york. tamra has the day off. >>> the nigerian man accused of trying to blow up that plane over detroit on christmas day pled not guilty at his ararnlt this afternoon. umar farouk abdulmutallab arrived in a dark chevy suv that drove into an underground entrance. in the courtroom, a judge read the six felony charges brought against mutallab, asked if he understood the charges. he said yes. then the judge asked for the plea and the lawyer for mutallab, a public defender, entered the plea not guilty. nbc's john yang is live at the courthouse in detroit. describe the atmosphere this afternoon. >> reporter: well, it really was very interesting. this is his first public appearance or public appearance in a public courtroom. he was arraigned on the day after christmas, but
cannot condemn themselves publicly. if this man's fathers went to the embassy to warn us about him? with that not be the state department? it seems we should be looking at people in the state department. why are they not under some kind of question in response to how they handled this? sometimes there is comparisons saying, the same thing happened on 9/11. before 9/11, it was actually illegal in many instances for the cia to share information with the fbi and any information they did share, the fbi was not allowed to use in prosecution. many of the restrictions have been changed legislatively. so this is a different time. that calls for different response. maybe we have not gotten the practices down yet. why the delay? i think that would be questioned. why do you say you will talk to people at 1:00, 3:00, then 4:30. hopefully, it is because we have eliminated the information we do not want other people to know. that is the only valid information i can come up with. . . host: what do you think we will hear in just a moment from the homeland security secretary? caller: as the preside
to fix the system but said the u.s. would not succumb to a siege mentality. and that is the bottom line difference between him and cheney and the peter kings of this world. we'll get to that in "hardball." white house spokesman robert gibbs, janet napolitano, and deputy national security adviser john brennan will brief the press and we'll bring you that live here on msnbc. plus, politics, it's not just democrats who may be in trouble after two of their u.s. senators and major senators at that, and one governor, the one from colorado, decided not to seek re-election yesterday. the gop brand is badly damaged and republicans are taking incoming from the tea party crowd, which side could well take advantage of the anti-incumbent anger. we could see suicide squads, we could see circular firing squads in the republican party. we begin with reaction to the president late this afternoon. richard ben venista, both served on the commission that investigated september 11th. the president said this is not a siege mentality. we are in a state of war against al qaeda. he still doesn't want to say a w
the intense pleasure that the car brings to us and the profound losses and tragedies that it also can bring. and on a daily basis, the contradictions between the convenient the car brings and the frustrations that it also brings. so broadly speaking, we want to for the impact that this single object, this powerful piece of technology has on our lives. we thought we could bring to bear our respective expected. my sister catherine lutz is a professor and apology. she brings an approach and i'm not a teacher and a writer but i spent many years as a banker and as a marketer of consumer product. we thought if we tackled as together we could bring some insight, some insight that hadn't been brought to the subject. and we embarked on a research which took us across the country from exerting housing developers that were being carved out a pro-countryside in tennessee, to detroit, to visit gm and go to its proving ground in beaufort. we traveled to see the used car lots in the inner cities that we traveled to ottawa shows at auto museums and we spoke to a variety of people with expertise around the
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